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How to use digital wallet passes
How to use digital wallet passes

Share your profile through Apple and Google Wallet

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Digital wallet passes for Apple and Google Wallet are a fast and convenient way to share your Swft Connect profile with people you meet. By scanning a QR code, anyone can instantly view your customised, branded profile from their web browser.

Step 1: Generate a pass

To get started with digital wallet passes, log in to Swft Connect. From the main menu, click on 'Add to digital wallet'.

Alternatively, your company admin might have already emailed you a pass.

Step 2: Add to your wallet

Click on the download link button and you will be prompted to add the pass to your digital wallet. The system will automatically detect iPhone (for Apple Wallet) or Android (for Google Wallet).

If you're accessing the download link on a desktop, scan the QR code using your smartphone.

Step 3: Accessing your pass

After adding the pass to your digital wallet, you can easily access it anytime. Open your digital wallet app (Apple or Google Wallet). You'll find the pass listed there. Tap on the pass to view its details.

Tip for iPhone: Quickly access your wallet by double-tapping the side button when your phone is locked. Check out this link for more info.

Step 4: Using your pass

When you want to share your profile with someone, open the pass and ask them to scan the QR code displayed. Their phone web browser will load your profile.

An internet connection is necessary for them to view your profile.

Custom branded passes

For users on Swft Business, digital wallet passes can be branded to your company.

If you're an admin, click here to request custom passes (or tell your admin to reach out).

For more information on Swft Business - click here.


Your pass will stay current. If anything changes on your profile, such as your name or job title, the pass will automatically update without needing a new one to be generated.

Removing the pass

If you no longer need the pass, it's easy to remove it from your digital wallet. Open your wallet app, locate the pass, and look for options like "Remove" or "Delete". Confirm your choice, and the pass will be removed from your wallet.

And that's it! Using digital wallet passes makes sharing your profile seamless and efficient. Enjoy the convenience of having your profile at your fingertips whenever you need it.

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