Swft Card FAQs

Frequently asked questions about Swft Cards

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Does the other person need a Swft Card?

No! Your connections do not need a card or a profile to get your information. They just need to tap or scan your card with their phone and the profile will open in their web browser.

NFC Issues

Android can't tap a Swft Card

1. Check the phone is compatible.

To check, go to Settings and look for NFC. If NFC is not available, then unfortunately the phone is not compatible.

2. Turn on NFC

The majority of Android powered devices are compatible, but require NFC to be enabled. To check this, go to:

Settings > Connections > NFC

Steps may vary based on the specific phone.

3. Unlock phone and tap Swft Card to the back of the phone in the middle.

Exact location may vary based on device.

iPhone can't tap a Swft Card

1. Confirm the iPhone is compatible.

iPhone 7/8/X - use NFC widget in control center.

iPhone XR and newer - no additional settings required.

2. Unlock phone and tap Swft Card against the top of the device.

You cannot tap if:

  • camera is open

  • torch is on

  • screen is off

  • airplane mode is enabled

Does NFC work through phone cases?

Yes! We have tested with a wide range of phone cases and NFC works fine for most cases. If it doesn't, use the QR code as a fallback option.

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