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Quick start guide - Swft Card
Quick start guide - Swft Card
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1. Tap via NFC or scan the QR code

Tap to iPhone: hold the card to the top of the phone while the screen is on.

Tap to Android: turn on NFC in settings and hold the card at the back middle of the phone with the screen on.

Alternatively, scan the QR code on the product to launch the platform.

If a profile loads by default, it’s been set up by your admin and the product has been activated.

Skip the rest of the setup and login from the top right menu on the profile to access your account.

2. Create a profile or link an existing

Follow the steps on screen to create a profile. You can also link an existing profile if you already have one.

Once you have created or linked a profile, the product will be activated.

3. Customise your profile

Add app icons and website links from the add link buttons on the profile page.

Customise further through the Edit Profile button, where you can update contact information, company details and more.

4. Add to Apple/Google Wallet

(coming very soon. Stay tuned!)

5. Start sharing!

And that’s it – happy networking!

We’d love to be your first connection. Check out our profile –

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